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Key won't turn off

A lot of times my key won’t turn off and I have to start the car again and pull up or back up a few inches to get it to turn all the way off so I can get the key out. Sometimes I can wiggle the gearshift and it will let me turn it off. I just had a new ignition switch put in; it was doing it before I had it put in. The car would not start is how I found out the ignition switch was bad, so this problem has nothing to do with the ignition. I think it is in the transmission or the gearshift mechanism. What do you all think? 1998 Olds Achieva

There’s a lockout in your gear selector that won’t let you remove the key unless its in park. If that lockout is bad, you might have to convince it that it’s in park, which is why you have to move the car around sometimes.

Depending on the model of car, you may also be able to remove the key if it is in neutral. If you can easily remove the key in neutral but not park, it’s probably the lockout mechanism, which is some kind of mechanical (or maybe electrical?) linkage between the transmission shift lever and the ignition lock. It would need to be repaired or adjusted.

Thank you guys! My mechanic (who is a good one) cannot figure it out because it hasn’t done it with him. About 2 years ago it was doing it and a shade tree mechanic worked on it and it hadn’t done it any more till now. He did take the top off the gear shifter box and rigged something in there and he said then that he didn’t know how long it would last. So I just know you are right.

Is this a column mount ignition or a mount to the dash like the Malibu is?