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Portland Toyota Mechanic

Hola Amigos!

I just moved to Portland Oregon and an looking for a new Toyota mechanic.

I have a 1991 toyota pick-up and she hit 200,000 today. What a gal!

So I am in need of a good toyota mechanic that will give my old truck some TLC.

If you have a recommendation please send it along. Thanks!

Japanese vehicles aren’t exactly the mystery they once were to American mechanics, especially something like the trusty old Toyota pickup which is pretty simple as far as a modern car goes. There is no longer any reason to go to a specialist for major Japanese brands like Toyota or Honda-- I’ll bet your average mechanic in Portland probably sees more of those these days than domestics! Any good independant shop will do-- try to get recommendations from friends or try the Mechan-X files section of this website.

I have my own business and I use Giddy-up Go Mobile Mechanic for our vehicles (Toyota and Honda), I am in Beaverton but he also serves Portland Oregon. He does a good job and always calls back to make sure everything’s working good. His web page is here