2009 Toyota Prius - Looking for a mechanic

need a mechanic to check out a used car before purchase

I know of one in Anchorage , Alaska . Is that near you ?

Have you heard of that new thing called Google that is on the web ? You can use it to find services near your location.

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my. bad. New to forum and neglected to post location - oakland, ca. Thanks for the sarcasm.

No extra charge for sarcasm.

I picked a used car dealer because it was across the street from work. I was happy with all they did. Turns out there is a Best of voting run my the local news and they were in the running. Maybe there is a best of by consumer votes in your community.

Doubtful someone here knows that. Have you tried a Prius forum? Or just go to google maps, search for ‘Prius repair’:
Prius repair - Google Maps

Thanks for getting back to me. I found a mechanic who specializes in hybrids on Yelp.


Thanks. Found one on Yelp who specializes. He’s super in demand but said he’d do his best to squeeze me in. With prices so crazy I’m considering just relying on public transportation and my feet for awhile longer!

At least around here most Japanese specialists are very familiar with the Prius and the other Toyota and Honda hybrids. Mom takes her 2010 Prius to the same guys that have been working on Japanese cars since the early 90’s and they know these cars just as well as the Toyota dealer in our experience Find a shop you trust and maintain the car.