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Looking for a mechanic recommendation

Hi. I live in Downers Grove IL, a suburb of Chicago, and I’m looking for a good and HONEST mechanic somewhat close to my area. I have already checked out the mechanic’s files on this site and have taken down a few names, but some of them don’t have reviews or comments underneath or are missing the specialization notes, so I’m hoping some of you can recommend a great place that specializes in exhaust systems. My mom’s 2000 Toyota Camry has a break in the exhaust system (i think it’s by the flex part?) so I’m looking for someone that maybe specializes in that. I’m reluctant to take it to any Midas or Merlin and most of all, i’m looking for someone who won’t tell me to replace the entire system when it just needs some proper welding.

I appreciate any recommendations, tips and advice you can offer!


Are you anywhere near Aurora? This place is a small family-owned general service shop that will treat you right:

Your best bet may be a small, independent muffler shop. They are generally willing to do things other than just replace. Usually free inspection and estimates can be provided.