1993 Toyota Truck ... to keep or not to keep?

Was on here last summer and got some good responses so thought I’d inquire again.

History: 1993 Toyota 4x4 - 4cyl. 5-speed. 142k miles (mostly highway). Really excellent body condition. No rust. Bought it 6 years ago with 80k, all original. That said, put a lot of money into it over the years getting those original parts replaced. I estimate close to $8k.

Last summer had brakes and clutch redone and few other small things. $2500. Relocated from Chicago to Seattle right after got repair done. Drove fine except for one point where it started to overheat a bit, but saw no leak. Fluids fine.

Noticed was idling a bit high this winter. Thought it was just cold. Also would make a knocking sound when I turned wheel right on days that it was below 30 degrees out.

Drove down to Indiana last weekend. Super high winds. On way back it started shaking and lost some power. Coming back into city it began idling really low when in traffic.

Took it into shop and said that my 2nd cylinder wasn’t working. Might have to get head re-machined since valve wasn’t seating. Turns out two valves were bad and needs new bolts. Total cost (machining had to be done by outside shop) estimating around $1200. Please tell me that’s about right?? I actually picked this guy because he had a lot of great reviews on this site. He’s been working specifically on Toyotas for 25 years.

I know that Toyotas last forever, but in retrospect I could have a new car nearly paid for by now for the amount of money I’ve invested in this. I get a lot of offers for the car (blue book estimate around $2300, but it’s kind of rare to find one this nice in Chicago), but am hesitant to let it go.

For one, I’m a full-time student with not a lot of income for a new car (or used car) payment. I also like having a truck - especially given that it’s helped me move across the country numerous times. However, at what point does it not become worth it to keep sinking this amount of money into a car that’s 20 years old and more economical to suck up and buy a new car? I was hoping last summer’s repair would be the last major work I’d have done on it and I could make it through two more years or so until I graduate to get a new car. But looks like this may not be the case.

So to sum up, would you keep the car despite the work needed and may possibly need in the future, or would you get rid of it?

Edit: relocated from Seattle to Chicago, not other way around… if that matters. Also, can’t remember if I had anything done to the cylinders in the past. If I did, was probably about 5 years ago when I sank about $3k into it.

To be honest, the post is confusing. The brakes and clutch are normal wear items, but unless theres’ more detail that was undisclosed the price you paid is way high.

I’d like more detail on these alleged bad valves too. That engine has a chain, so I cannot imagine what could cause the valves to not seat unless the chain had at one point broken, which would be highly unusual. Did he say exactly why they were not closing?

Needs new bolts? What bolts? Head bolts? Did they pop whie he was trying to do something with them, such as torque them?

This engine and drivetrain are one of the most durable and bullet-proof ever produced. I suspect there’s a misunderstanding of the shop’s descriptions.

Without more details and without knowing the overall mechanical condition of the truck it’s not really possible to guess whether it’s worth keeping. Any 20 year old vehicle is financially risky to keep. The systems I personally worrk about are the brake system and fuel system, because chassis components can be checked and repaired as-you-go, but brake and fuel systems can suddenly spring leaks and leaks in these systems are dangerous.