Popping out of Gear


I have a 1995 Mustang GT with about 130,000 miles on it, and here lately, it’s been popping out of 1st gear when I go to take off. It jerks and then slips into neutral. It only does this in 1st gear. Could someone please give me some advise at to what is making it do this, and what I need to do to fix it. Also, I have been driving it a few times when it just dies out of nowhere. It doesn’t matter what gear it’s in. My mechanic had previously said that he believed my fuel pump was close to going out. Could a faulty fuel pump cause a car to die while driving? Thanks so much for any help you can offer!


Yes the fuel pump could cause the engine to die. It would not be unusual.

The transmission issue could be wear or a linkage adjustment.

Good Luck


Your transmission is worn out. It needs a rebuild
or a replacement.


The popping out of gear is likely an internal problem; worn synchronizer hub/sleeve/insert assembly and/or worn shift fork.
A lot of shifting in city traffic or driving in stop and go with the hand resting on the shifter will do it.

As to dying the fuel pump can be a hit and miss affair like this. How long has it been, if ever, since the fuel filter was changed?

Your car is also one of the last to use the TFI-IV ignition module, which are prone to heat related failures.
This is the little gray module on the side of the distributor and the symptoms are also similar to what you describe.
Testing the module is usually a waste of time and it’s better to just change them out and hope.

If you change the module you MUST use the special electrolytic grease that comes with the new module. Failure to do so will roast the new module.