Manual car shuts off when put in gear

I bought this car last week on plans to fix it and drive it,when I got to turn on I was Soo happy and tried putting it in gear and to my surprise,it shut off.

I can only get it to go on gear when I start it in 1st ,it takes 2nd with some work and does not take 3rd (is hard and I don’t want to break anything)

When I turn it on (in neutral) I try to put it in gear and as soon as it goes in it shuts off,can’t take reverse either without shutting off.

What could be the problem.please help
Thanks in advance

Do this test on a empty street or parking lot to see if your clutch is good: Stop the car and put your gear selector in first gear with your foot pressed on the clutch pedal.Let go of the clutch pedal. If the car stalls your clutch is fine,if the car doesn’t stall your clutch is gone.

First of all thanks for taking time to help me.
I can’t go in gear without the car shutting down,with the car idling in neutral if I press down on the clutch and put it on first gear the car will shut down. That’s my problem

That means that your clutch is good. Are you used to drive a stick shift?

Funny you would say that,this is actually my first stick shift car

Took me a while to learn how to drive a stick.Do you know someone who can show you how or a driving school nearby.You can watch some youtube videos and learn a lot from them.

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I have YouTube lol,I think I know the driving part Im just stuck on that because I was frustrated on the car shutting down,I was doing everything right.i turn it on neutral with clutch in,then with clutch in then go to first gear

But you have to give it gas to go forward lol I think its the problem
Me, I drive with both foot, one on the gas pedal the other ready to press on the clutch before changing gears

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I know but it shuts off as soon as it goes on first gear with the clutch still in,is that normal?

No, its not normal. When the clutch is pushed in there will be no connection between the engine and transmission but the engine should not stall.

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Ok good,so the car is the problem? And how can I fix it? I bought a new clutch but now that you said that could it be the pump? Or pedal?

Could be the throw out bearing in the clutch if some gears don’t want to cooperate. This bearing often go bad in standard transmission. Hope Tester(a member) could chip in and tell you all about it.

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I have that also so when I install that clutch I might be able to finally put that car into gear.

And also i got the car running once by turning on the car in first gear already and drove it around in 1st then 2nd for a while but would not get into 3rd.i can start it in 1st gear and drive but can’t put it on 1st gear from neutral

Yes,probably the throw out bearing…what type of car is it? what is the milage?

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Alright thank you sir you have been a great help,I’ll be back whining again if it doesn’t work

You are welcome

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Milage is 137k on a 96 mustang

Yep! maybe its time for a new clutch. Do you know if its the original clutch or was it replaced at some point?

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So, to be absolutely clear, you push the clutch pedal all the way to the floor, then put the gearshift in 1st, and before you move the clutch, the engine dies?

Jack the rear of the car up, support it with jack stands, and turn the engine on. With the clutch in, put the shifter in first. Does it stall (I’m guessing not). Do the rear wheels start turning? If so, then your clutch isn’t disengaging properly.

If I recall that generation of Mustang still used a clutch cable. It’s possible the cable has stretched so that when you push the pedal in, the cable isn’t pulling far enough to completely disengage the clutch. I’d be checking that before I started tearing into the clutch itself.


Very good point above…go with the least expensive fix first…the cable

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