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Toyota pickup slips out of first gear

My 1992 Toyota pickup (138,000 mi) started popping out of first gear today. How big of a problem is this and what needs to be done??

I’d hold it in gear and shift to 2nd very quickly once the car is rolling. The fix would involve a transmission tear down and overhaul. If the truck is in great shape it could be worth fixing, but at this age it is now a “unique chacteristic” of your truck that perhaps you can learn to live with.

Most likley a bad synchro. My camaro has on in third, I can up shift into it, but not down Shift into it with out it poping… I think it better to loose first as you can always start in second.

Worn shift fork, worn sychronizer hub/sleeve assembly, or even excessive end play in the mainshaft or countershaft.
The repair of any of these problems require removal and disassembly of the transmission. A DIYer could do a piecemeal repair but at that age and mileage a shop doing a proper repair should overhaul the transmission.

If you can’t live with the problem then finding a used transmission would be the most inexpensive route to take for a fix.

Do you spend a fair amount of time in 1/2 second gear in traffic with your hand resting on the gearshift lever? If so, this can contribute to shift fork and synchronizer sleeve wear.

This problem is well known and may be cheap and easy to fix. Try this first: