Pop sound from right rear after new tires installed

The 86 isn’t a model option on this site, but that’s what I’m driving. Had new tires mounted, and the next day began having a loud, single “pop” from the right rear wheel/suspension area when making very slow and tight LEFT turns (such as into a parking spot, etc). I know the tires could be a coincidence, but the timing of it is very suspicious. 2 mechanics have been unable to find the source, tires have been rotated twice since, and it’s becoming more frequent.
I have a few seconds of video that captures the noise, volume way up!! Any ideas? I’m becoming concerned about the safety of driving the car since it seems to be progressing. Still drives normally, no change in handling, just that damn POP!

It sounds like something in the suspension from the very short clip.
I did have a sound like that once. it was coming from the shock. from where the bushing where the bolt goes through. previous owner must have installed the shocks himself. the bolt must not have been tightened correctly and the bushing wore from the shock sliding on the bolt. and it would make a little knock sound. this might not be your exact problem and was just a thought.

The noise may be coming from a worn shock.

When the tires were installed, the vehicle was raised on a lift.

This allows the rear suspension hang down further than normal hyper-extending the shocks.

If the shocks are old, this can mess up the valving in the shocks and cause the shock to make noise when shock goes thru its motion

And as you make a left turn, it compresses the right rear shock.


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I know the first mechanic reported that my shocks looked okay. He checked strut mounts as well, found nothing. Hopefully this next mechanic will have better luck. They said they have the equivalent of a car stethoscope that allows the passenger to listen to all areas of the suspension while another drives the car. So I’m optimistic, but bummed that my sporty little car has left me a little uneasy regarding the safety of driving it.
Thanks so much for the input……I’ll be sure to report the outcome!

No experience w/Toyota 86, but suggest to post the model year. I’m guessing the same as Tester above, when the wheels were hanging down unsupported during the tire replacement, some component in the suspension system shifted, latched into a different orientation than normal, and is now hanging up. This is making the noise as the suspension system dimensions change when going over a bump or turning. when you were a kid, did you ever place a card in your bicycle spokes, so it sounded like a motorcycle? I think you got something like that going on.

Retorque the rear axle nuts.