2003 mountaineer with tires 16 mos old, no probs until…found nail in front right tire and got patch, started making light noise sounded like little lump on tire…4 days later noticed left rear tire losing air, another nail in esact same location as first time (2nd tread, even with L on tire lettering)…got a patch, still hearing noise…tire guys say they hear nothing…getting noisier and noisier…still sounds like it’s coming from right front, but really don’t knwo for sure…can push on tires while on ground and they all feel solid, but tiny single click when pushing on right front tire…suspect something happened at tire place and no admission of it…they say it might be wheel bearings, but they could not know for sure unless they repair it, since it’s a sealed unit…it’s driving me nuts…worried about safety…feel taken advantage of…note: after first patch, discovered they’d put 40 #'s pressure in tire with max 44…at 2nd patch, i asked they put 35 in rear and 30 in front as mountaineer specs recommend for rollover safety…they said that was bunk and when i got home they were all at 38#…when cold next morning i set them all myself to 35 rear and 30 front…returned for them to take right front tire off and rotate and put back on wheel to see if that helped…they do not allow anyone to “observe” their garage area, which makes me leary, although everyone says this is the best place in town…guess i’ll go to dealer at this point since noise is getting worse and louder…sounds louder on some surfaces and louder at slow rolling speeds…same when coasting, but when car weight tilts slightly to left (as waves in road rise near driveways) sound stops briefly…could be somethig like bearings or wheel, but suspect something happened to it in their shop and they won’t own up…i mainly just want to be safe and know warrantied tires are good!..sure is coincidental it started immediately after the first tire patch which was done just before tire shop closed one day, so i couldn’t go back until next day…they tried to tell me it was cupping, too…shouldn’t that be covered by their tire warranty since they did an alignment at the same time?

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