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Pontiac Sunfire noise from rear wheel

I drive a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire, front wheel drive. A few days ago a noise started occuring. It’s a low sounding metallic noise that comes from my rear driver’s side wheel. It happens right after I start my car and I’m backing up, or when I start going forward, around a curve etc.

However, after I’ve driven about 100yards, or even less. The noise stops. I’ve tried to go over speed bumps, go around sharp curves at slow and medium speeds to see if it will happen, but it still only occurs in the first few seconds of backing out of my parking space and the first 20s or so of driving.

I’m assuming it has something to do with my break drum or bearings. But I’m not certain. Any suggestions, or help would be great, so I know what to look for and buy to repair the first time!!

the next time it makes the noise apply the brakes and see if it goes away. If so, there is a good chance you just need to replace the brakes on the rear…and do both sides, not just one. Have the drums truned and checked while you are at it. Most brake shops don’t charge much to turn rotors and drums.

if the noise doesn’t go away, jack up the rear of the car, grab the tire at the top and bottom and try to wiggle it. A very small amount of play is ok, any more and you need to have the rear wheel bearings replaced. make sure to check both sides for a comparison to each other.

Whenever you have noises from your brakes or even suspect they are from your brakes you need to pull the wheels and make a inspection. Many chain brake shops will do free inspections (yes their goal is to sell you something) but if you can resist the sales pressure you can get a free brake inspection and not even get your hands dirty,no excuse for not knowing the status of your brakes.