Windstar brake noise

Our 2002 Ford Windstar has 78k miles. On 6/2/15 we had the brakes replaced. Soon after I noticed a tocking/clicking noise that sounded like it was coming from the right rear tire. It only happened when I braked and then only happened sometimes. It didn’t seem to matter if the car was cold or had been running awhile, if I was on flat ground or on a hill, or if I had been going fast or slow. I couldn’t predict when it happened. The car always stopped okay. So I took it back to the repair shop, and they made an adjustment and it was quiet. Two days later it started again, so I took it back. They machined the rear drums and the noise was gone. Five days later I hit a rough patch of pavement and when I braked the noise started again. Back to the shop. They had one of the mechanics ride with me. No noise of course. They said to bring it back when it makes the noise. Well, it has made the noise, but only a few times and I can’t predict when it will happen. The car runs fine and brakes fine. I trust this repair shop. They’ve worked on the car in the past. Any ideas?

I’d live with the noise if the brakes are operating normally. Since you’ve already taken the van back several times and they never really found anything wrong…I’m sure it’s nothing major. You always have the option of letting a good independent shop give you a second opinion just to make sure. It may just be a hubcap noise if you have hubcaps. I’ve found this problem a few times by driving through a tunnel with the windows down.