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1999 lumina rear wheel noise

The rear driver side wheel emits a creeking sound when braking. It makes this noise only on a certain section of the wheel as its turn. The car has drum brakes and seem to

Any thoughts would greatly appreciated.


Continuation: The car has drum brakes that seem to be in excellent condition.


Do you have steel rims with plastic wheel covers? Even a crack in the rim will make this creaking noise.

A possible cracked drum or excessive rust build up may cause noises.

I mentioned that because you used the word “seem” in your comment about the rear brakes.

It may be wise to jack the drivers side rear up and remove the wheel (IF your sure that’s where the ‘creaking’ is coming from) and do a very close inspection of the rim and brake drum and brake shoes.

Is this noise a metallic one or could it come from a tire separation?

It sounds metallic. The car does have steel rims with plastic wheel covers.

Yep, remove and carefully inspect the rim for a crack. It may be a fine line crack so you may have to clean it up a little to see it (IF there is one).

When inspecting the rim, look for a crack radiating out from a stud hole. Another possible area could be close to the bead edge of the rim.

Cracks here are sometimes caused from hitting deep potholes at a high speed. Usually tires are totaled at the same time though.

Sometimes a crack can start because the wheel stud nut was over-torqued.