Rear Wheel noises -- bad bearings?

I recently had all brake pads and rotors replaced. When the mechanic took it for a test drive, he said it sounded like the bearings in both rear wheels were bad.

I had my wife drive around while I sat in the back seat. There is indeed a rhythmic noise coming from each wheel when it gets above 35 mph, and it gets faster along with the speed of the car. It’s not a growl but it’s definitely noticeable. From the front seats you don’t hear any noise from the front wheels, only the back wheel noises.

I jacked up the car a few inches with the car off and in park and on each rear tire there was no play when I tried to tug on the wheel, in neither the 3-9 or 6-12 positions. I also spun the wheels around and heard a slight scraping noise, as well as a little rattling in the passenger side wheel.

Sounds like the mechanic is right, but before I take it in for an $800 job, could it be anything else? Could the new brakes be causing any of these noises? The brakes seem to work fine. The car has 75,000 mi. on it.

I recorded all the noises but as a new user i can’t upload them…

Thanks CT community!

you could upload them to YouTube then put the link here

Have the rear tires always been on the rear of the car? In other words, have you ever rotated them or replaced them?

If not, I’ll bet that is the source of your noise.

I just had the wheels rotated when the brakes were done and they were rotated regularly before that.

Here are the youtube links for the videos of me spinning the wheels. The recordings of the wheel noises while driving are audio files and I can’t upload them to Youtube at the moment.

[](Spinning the passenger side rear wheel-- bad bearings? - YouTube)

here’s the driver’s side video

check to make sure the heat shields are not touching the rotors slightly.

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The symptoms indeed are consistent w/wheel bearing problems. There’s often no play felt, even though the bearing is bad. The other common cause for these symptoms are tire problems, as noted above. OP might want to disprove the tires as the cause first. As long as there’s nothing visibly wrong with the tires/treads, I expect replacing the wheel bearings will do the trick.

Thanks @George_San_Jose1. The tires are in good shape.

And thanks @cdaquila for clearing my posts

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