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2002 Grand Prixair cond. resistor replacement

I need to replace the blower motor speed resister, but I don’t know where it is. Can anyone give specific location and instructions on how to find and replace it for a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

The resistor is usually mounted in the HVAC duct, near the blower motor. Removal and installation should be simple if you can find/reach it.

Remove the trim piece below the glove box. Look up and next to the blower motor you’ll see the resistor pack. Unplug the electrical connector, remove the two screws from the front of the resistor pack and loosen the two rear screws. Remove the resistor pack.


Thanks for the info…should I disconnect the battery?


Are you sure the resistor is even the problem?

If the resistor is burnt out then consideration should also be given to whether the blower motor is dragging due to age/use and that is what burnt the resistor out.

My car only has 69K, and prior to the switch going out the blower seems to have been working fine…not sure what to think, and thanks for the info

Exactly what is or is not working. Are all fan speeds out or just the lower ones with the high speed still operating?

So you’re saying the main fan switch was also defective? The mileage is a bit low for a blower failure but it’s also entirely possible. It’s also possible there could be something inside the blower housing that is dragging on the squirrel cage.

IF the fan switch was really faulty and IF the resistor is also bad then the blower should be examined mileage or not.

I got the car in Nov. 2008. At that time, levels 1 & 2 didn’t work, but 3-5 did.
Then level three went out.
Then level four went out.
Then, one day, it actually happened twice, I turned the car off, the key out, the door open, the blower would cut on. I would come to the car in the morning, having left the car in my garage all night, and the blower would be on, so I took the green 30 fuse out.
Then, that was the only way that I could even get the blower to work on level 5, I would have to re-install the 30 fuse, just to get the blower to come on.
Then earlier this month, on a HOT trip to Myrtle Beach, it totally went out, my fuse trick no longer worked.
No, with the fuse in or out, the blower does not blow.

Sounds like a dragging blower motor to me. An ammeter could be connected to see what the current draw of the motor is. This varies a lot but on HIGH speed could be up in the 7-10 amp range. If it’s pulling 15-20 then either the motor is faulty or there is something in there rubbing on the squirrel cage.

thanks for all your help…we’ll see :slight_smile: