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Pontiac parts

i have a 2008 pontiac g6 v6 and am looking for a front bumper a radiator a radiator holding tank and tires and rear shocks

Search your local junk yards. Especially the pick-ur-part types. They are the only ones that carry cars this old.

Any good body shop can source these items ( bumper cover ) and tire store for tires and parts house for the shocks .

They had no trouble getting a front bumper, light, and even emblems for my 09. Readily available from the warehouse in a couple days. If you want to go on line, you can order from any of the on line GM dealers, or go to a local GM dealer and order it at probably a higher price. For tires etc., see your local tire shop. For the radiator, just go to NAPA or similar. I think I have used Mcnally or GMparts on line before but can’t remember what for. I just ordered a mirror assembly from Rockauto so they have some body parts (usually after-market). Mirrors and the sides of the garage don’t mix. Second time. First time was just the glass.

Edit: Rockauto has the after-market bumper cover for $42 and other bumper parts depending on what it needed. Primed for final paint. Of course you know what the say about after-market body parts “sorta fit”.

so the last time i ordered from rockauto was for fenders for my 1984 truck and they were too big