2015 Toyota Scion - Where to repair a bumper

Where can I get the front bumper fix or repair on my sicon xa 2015

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Most dealers have bodyshops. Your insurance co will say go anywhere within reason to get an estimate.

Any body shop (collision repair) can replace your bumper cover. Most shops use computer codes for the estimate, but you can go to several for estimates. Estimate is just that, other damage may be found after damaged bumper cover is removed.
As Cavell said, ask your insurance company for their recommended shops.

I know of a really good body shop in Garwood, NJ.
Is that a convenient location for you?

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And I know of one in Randallstown, MD.

I know a good body shop in Rome Ga.

Bumpers can be repaired but unless you do it yourself, it will be cheaper to just have a body shop replace it and paint it.

You might consider looking for a color matched used one on eBay. That would make it a bolt on deal and dramatically lower the labor costs.

A quick look showed several at a couple or 300 dollars with free shipping but the unknown is what color the vehicle is.

you could also call a few local automotive salvage yards. they probably would even have the same color. if not, they can get it for you from another salvage yard.

If this was a “regular” Toyota, there would be little doubt about used parts availability on a local level. However, Toyota’s Scion “experiment” resulted in so few sales that this marque was discontinued after about 12 years.

Based on the stated model year (2015), I’m going to guess that the OP’s Scion is the iM model, which sold only a bit more than 5,000 units nationwide in that year, and as a result the marque was gone the following year.

A junk yard could likely order what the OP wants, but… As to having the right color in stock? Not very likely, IMHO.

Think about it… How many Scion-badged vehicles do you see on the road?

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Depending on the damage to the bumper, you may be able to fix it yourself.


It would be nice if op posted some pictures of the bumper damage

Maybe it’s worth it to have it fixed

Depending on the damage, it might make sense to have it fixed, versus buying a “color matched” bumper on ebay, which is probably an aftermarket bumper which will NOT exactly match the rest of the car, imo

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