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Pontiac Grand Am 1999

I have a Pontiac Grand Am. It is having problems starting. It starts then dies right away then I try to restart it and tap the gas and it stays started. I have been doing this for the past couple months and its been working fine. When this happens the security light does not come on. Until recently it has always started with taping the gas and one day that did not work and had to have it towed to a mechanic. They ended up resetting the security system and replacing the ignition module and giving me two keys and they said it worked fine now, starts and works fine. So I picked it up and drove it around for erands then went home and then got back in the car and started it up and it died again. I restarted it and tapped the gas and it started and stayed running, any ideas

Clayton, Are / Were Any Warning Lights Illuminted (Check Engine, Etcetera) ?


Can you describe “tap the gas”? Do you mean literally, you just goose the throttle once and let off? Or do you mean you just hold the throttle down a little bit?