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99 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 99 pontiac grand am that sometimes won’t start and lately it is cutting out when I am stopped and idleing at stop lights/signs. And today it just died when I was driving, it started right back up, then died again about three times, then it seemed to be fine, I drove it for about 2 miles and it just died and won’t restart. We have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, ignition switch, fuel relay fuse twice, air filter, and some sort of module. Please help.

sounds like a leaking fuel pressure regulator. It’s located in the fuel rail on the engine about two inches in diameter with a vacuum line attached to it. remove the vacuum line and smell/look for signs of gas. if you have signs of fuel in the vac line then the regulator is leaking.

As a guess I would say there is an intermittent problem with the ignition system. Possibly with the power connection to it. You first need to determine if this is an ignition problem or a fuel problem. You might try carrying a can of starter fluid with you and spray some into the intake when it won’t start again. If the engine doesn’t react to that then you can be pretty sure you have an ignition problem. The first thing to do in that case is verify power is getting to the circuit.

Ok, we will try that. Thank you.

The problem might be with the Crankshaft Position Sensor.

If the computer no longer recieves a signal from this sensor, it shuts down the ignition and fuel system. So the engine will shut off as if someone had turned off the ignition switch.


Good point by Tester. It would be wise to check the ECU for any stored codes which may have some clues to this trouble.