Pontiac G6 car won’t start after cutting radio wires to install new radio

About 4 days ago I disconnected the factory radio and ended up cutting the wires to connect it to the new one,I didn’t get the job done yet and the wires were sitting bare and cut + stripped for about 3 days and i was driving around with the car like that perfectly fine, after i found out that was a mistake I soldered the wires back together and put on electrical tape and the car ran fine but the next day it won’t even start, the engine is not even turning over at all.

You are assuming the two are related. They might be or might not.

By “not turning over at all” do you mean the engine doesn’t crank when you turn the key or the engine cranks but does not start?

Have you tried jumping it with another car or jump pack? Will it crank? Will it start?

the car is just making a clicking noise near the engine, i changed the battery and nothing

If the battery is good, all I can say is check all your fuses including that in line one by the battery. Check your work again and plug the old radio back in. The display on the radio is also tied to the information center. Otherwise it’s a tow to a shop.

alright i’ll check the fuses with my voltmeter, thank you

Since you have a voltmeter, check the voltage across the battery terminals. Should be around 12.7 volts. Now check the resistance on the Ohm setting between the negative terminal and some bare metal on the body and then the engine (the alternator is usually a good spot). Both should read nearly zero ohms. If not, you have a ground cable problem.

Now go back and check the voltage at any large bolt with a red wire attached to it inside the fuse box in the engine compartment. Or if you don’t see one check the headlight fuse, it is always attached directly to the battery. Should be a bit more that 12 volts. If it is less, you have a positive cable problem.

Start there, post back with what you find.

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Let me just say that in addition to the fusible link, there is a start relay and a crank run relay in the under hood fuse block. You can sub other relays to test if they have the same number. Now the body control module, ignition and engine control module also feed into the circuit.

I don’t know if this relates at all but I was going to put in a new crank sensor but when doing this the pcm needs to be recalibrated with a tech 2 scanner.

My meager schematics don’t show much for the radio except the fuse coming out of the bcm. My ability to read them is not great either, but if you ran it without the display, I dunno. Confess to the shop what you did to save time, or like mentioned may be unrelated. The radio removal and install procedure is just unplug and plug back in.

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Is the clicking coming from the fuse box area?? Or down low next to the engine??

If down low close to the engine then you need to check signal wire AT the starter to see if you are getting proper voltage to the starter while cranking… This will require a helper or you will have to rig something that you can see or hear (I use back up alarms)…

Of course you can always smack the starter with something to jar the brushes to see if it will start…

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okay i will definetly try this tommorow when I get my voltmeter back. thanks.