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Pulling hair out need help:)

Ok i just replaced the starter. And now i have a new series of trouble. I don’t know if it’s related or not. I just pulled starter off and placed back on to make sure all connections are on correctly and clean.

Now randomly the radio resets and turns off while driving it. As if I disconnected the battery. And now after about 1-2 weeks when the car starts it does turn over however its acting like it doesn’t and tries 3 times before it does turn over. Same 3 every time. However while doing that the lights getting dim like the battery is low charge or dead.

And help would be great. Me and my friends are at a loss and I’m usually pretty good at figuring this stuff out.

Sounds like a loose/bad/corroded connection going from the battery to the starter or the battery to the acc. junction or the starter to the acc. junction. All of your symptoms sound exactly like a bad wire connection somewhere. I’d start with physically challenging every connection.

I’ve checked the battery cable to starter and thats good. What is acc? sorry I don’t know the terms all that well

Accessory is just a junction for all things not related to the starter. You might have a small wire coming off the battery positive post going somewhere? Fuse box? Or a wire coming from the starter (not the big thick one) coming up to somewhere. All your indications sound like a bad connection. I could try to wiggle every where you can get your hands on that are coming to or from the battery. You might also have a loose/bad connection at the ignition switch (somewhere on your steering column, either down low or up high). You could even have a bad connection at your radio power wire. But the fact that the starter turns over and acts like it doesn’t want to start, but always does, that leads me to think it is related to a battery cable either positive or negative.

Carefully check all the grounds, both ends…