Car cranks but wont start after radio aftermarket install

My alternator went out, so I replaced it, had to replace battery as well since bad alternator damaged it. Car ran fine over the weekend. Then I had a aftermarket radio installed and when the guy installing radio was cutting wires the car turned off completely. Now car will not turn over but it will crank. I put starter fluid in the intake and car will turn over and turn on for a few seconds. Figured it was the fuel pump so I replaced fuel pump and car still will not turn over on it’s own. There is no anti theft light on in the dash. Please help.

Pretty obvious that the installer cut the wrong wire, re trace what he did and undo the mistake.


Won’t turn over or won’t start? If it’s rotating, it’s turning over, but not starting. What year/miles?

Check all your fuses

Was this “guy” a professional radio installer at a shop or some friend of yours ?

Why do people cut wires to install stereos instead of buying the adapters ?


Check Crutchfields and see if there is another component that needs to be installed.

It sounds like the guy cut the wire to the fuel injection. That’s why it will run–briefly–with starting fluid.


Ok I figured it out, I checked my fuse diagram and checked engine compartment fuse box, I was missing the fuel injector fuse somehow, very odd. But I got it to start.

Any good radio installer would NEVER cut a wire these days. There are plug-and-play kits for 99% of every vehicle on the road.


Hopefully, after this episode, the OP has realized that the guy who installed his radio is NOT one of the good ones.

You got that right

A smart guy isn’t going to cut a bunch of wires, if he doesn’t even know what circuit it is . . .

That is, if he even understands what a circuit is :smirk:


Here’s what I suspect. The new stereo probably has more power than the old one and the guy figured it needs a beefier fuse. He pulled the wrong fuse or maybe just pulled fuses at random and forgot to replace it. More proof he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

So I took my car to a professional audio installation shop today, they told ne the guy should of never cut the wires and had some wires mixed up. Everything should be good now thanks everyone


Nothing drives me crazier than when idiots cut into wire harnesses for aftermarket lights and radios. The vast majority do slip shod work (wire twists with electrical tape wraps or those God awful cheap crimp connectors) and leave a mess under the dash/hood.