Pontiac 6000le 1985 V6 has no spark

the egine died while driving turned car off wont start replaced coil ,distributor cap and router the car turns over alt and starter fine there is just no spark from the coil the coil is testing fine some told me they have a spark mod in the distribtor it took the place of points and may need to be replaced any suggestions or ideas . here is what happened again was driving stepped on the gas to accelerate the car solwed to 32 mphs and died. tried starter fluid nothing. tested electrical it is electrical install the new coil and distribtur cap and router there is no spark from coil to distributor

You’re on the right track with “spark mod” - it may be called ignition control module. It can be tested. Find a parts place that can test it and go from there.

Thank you for the encourgement took the igition control unit to autozone tested it .replaced it . And the first time the key turned it started . There is now one happy mom with a car thank

“pontiac 6000le 1985 V6 has no spark”