I have a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager. All of a sudden, my power door locks wont quit. With the key off and doors locked, it will intermittently continue to try to lock the doors. It only stops when I remove the fuse. Am I hounted?

I meant “haunted” obviously.

I kind of sounds like click clack click clack!

Gunk in a switch ? - Pinched wires ? Causing a constant short to ON.
Operate each switch, ernestly, to try to dislodge any gunk buildup. They’re greased at production and attract dust buildup over time.
Check all wiring for pinches , especialy where the wires go from the door to the body.
Otherwise a switch is internaly broken and needs replaced. You’d need access to all lock switches and unplug each, one at a time, to prove out the culprit.