Police show off three cars seized from "dangerous" traffic offenders

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Judge can impound car for 1 year. With $70/day storage fees?
Or return car to bank?
Why does bank get car back?

Because they own it, or at least a good part of it. If you have a loan on your car the bank will be listed as an owner on the title. Once the loan is paid off a new title is issued without the bank as owner.

@Robert-Gift, Keep us appraised of when the bank(s) auction the Chargers.

If I own car outright, no loan, I don’t get it back as soon as bank would?
Car is impounded to punish owner. Bank is not punished and gets car?
Bank has car. They want you to payoff loan. But you can’t have car?

The owner of the vehicle is being punished as they broke the law, the bank however did not break the law and it is not fair for them to not get their money asap, that is why the court will release the vehicle to the bank sooner than to the accused… The bank will then treat it like a repo and sell it at auction etc…

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We need a “street racing” ordinance here, as that is becoming a major problem right now. Of course, once such a law is passed, I hope police and prosecutors don’t abuse it in order to make money from people who are driving stock vehicles, and engaged in standard driving activities.

The person who is driving above the posted speed limit because he’s late to work, or has sped up to pass another vehicle is not engaged in “street racing” and should not be punished under laws designed to target street racers.

There’s enough low-hanging fruit right now, people driving loud, heavily-modified vehicles, who go out in large groups, like a pack of wolves, and literally take over the road. Sometimes I see these cars zip by, while regular people in their regular cars have to get out of the way. At night, I hear the loud exhaust and engine noise as these street racers zip by, often at speeds in excess of 80 MPH, on a road with a speed limit of 40 to 45 MPH.

About to stir up the hornets nest…lol

Part (not all) of the problems with street racing is that people are building and buying homes next to race tracks that have been there since the 60/70’s with NO complaints and now the idiots that bought a house next to the race track complains about the noise and gets them closed down (yes this is happening a lot), so now young/old racers have NO place to race anymore, so they have to go find races on streets now… You are a idiot if you buy a house close to a race track and then complain about the noise!!! Buy a house next to the AirPort and then complain about the noise, you are told it was here before you, so get over it or LEAVE…

And just because a vehicle is modified doesn’t mean it is breaking the law all the time… I have street raced my stock Vibe/Matrix more than my Road Runner and it is NOT stock… lol
But I never race high speed when endangering other cars, red light to red light, or mainly long stretches of road with no traffic…

The idiots that are doing all the YouTube racing (and given the rest of us a bad name) in the OP are mainly young people using mommy and daddy’s money while still living at home, or have good jobs but still living at home with no other bills… Not to many young people paying rent or mortgage plus everything else involved and paying for a $100K Redeye Hellcat, if they are they are working 80 hours a week making that money and too tired to think about racing… Pro racers are not included…
Having a hotrod is NOT cheap!!!


I didn’t read the article but in Minnesota the bank never owns the car. They are listed as a lien holder on the title but the buyer is listed as the owner. You cannot transfer or sell a car with a lien listed on the title without a lien release. When the car is paid off the the bank sends a lien release document that is used to process a clear title document. The insurance company also has dibs on the car.

These confiscation laws are absolutely a blight and need to end. They have been pulled back in some jurisdictions but the police continue to fight any roll back. So if you are carrying a few thousand in cash, you can be labeled a drug dealer and the money confiscated regardless if a court has determined guilt. I believe this is highly unconstitutional. Frog in the frying pan again. Every unconstitutional law has their supporters.


Disagree with that completely. Street racing has been around and will be around with or without racetracks. They don’t want a racetrack. They want the thrill of driving through the streets. We have several racetracks here in NH. Been here for decades. Only racetrack that’s closed in recent years is the Dog Racing track in Seabrook NH. And street racing is still very much alive in NH and MA.


I think the same applies if you have the car financed from a used car dealer or a regular seller. The dealer will get the car back. Your brother could sell you the car with a lean on it, and then if it is impounded your brother gets it back.

Civil asset forfeiture seizure is a growing problem. An armored cash delivery truck was even a victim of seizure.

Armored car cash seized https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_jhvvdbApQ
More Lehto's law money seizure videos

We’re they told about the track? Maybe not, and the homeowners probably weren’t around the neighborhood when the races were underway. We have a similar issue with noise in our neighborhood. The freight train from Baltimore to and from Ohio runs through a state park and next to the end of the street I live on. We can hear it clearly at our house and it’s very loud where it parallels the road, even though it’s about 100 feet down the hill. No one told us about the train and I doubt that the folks next to the tracks were told about them either. As I understand it whoever was there first has the right to stay, but people in the housing developments can make it too expensive to stay.

The builder knows about the track, and you should do a little bit of homework and drive around a little, the track close to me has signs saying turn here… lol
Luckily houses have been close by for years and no issues… But a simple google earth around your home would show a track close by…
And I am talking about new neighborhoods being built, not buying old houses, close to tracks and then petitioning or whatever to have the track closed, it is happening around the country…

Track used to be in out of way area.

Seeing that you didn’t read the article, we should probably take your opinion with a grain of salt. These guys weren’t “labeled”. They broke laws and posted the proof online.

That is $25,550 a year!

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Yes, which guarantees that virtually none of the cars will be claimed. Any car worth less than that, people will tell the tow yard to keep it and crush it. No one is paying $25k to get back a $1500 beater.

Heh heh, yeah the car is at fault because they can’t identify the driver. The car did it so imprison the car. Forging ahead.

I rarely if ever align with Bing…but these confiscation laws have been taken advantage of by different police organizations all over this country. They’ve abused their power and in too many cases broken the law themselves. 60 minutes or one of the news magazine shows did an news story about many years ago. Police were stopping cars that they or other officers they worked with or a friend wanted. Bring them up on some false charge and confiscate their vehicle. Vehicle goes to auction, then person who wanted the vehicle buys it at auction (fraction of what this vehicle would cost new or used).

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I did read the article afterward which is where it said they couldn’t for sure identify the driver so impounded the cars. Yeah sounds like a racket.


My buddy with the Wide Body Scat Pack got a ticket for topping a hill doing 2 mph over the limit by a motorcycle cop, the cop said he hit the brakes hard as he saw the front end dip hard, he said BS he was in track mode and that was impossible… lol
He talked to some of his customer cop friends (they work on a lot of cop cars) about it and they all said the same thing, the guy was a jerk to say the least…

So yeah, abuse of power, but most of the cops are pretty cool… I have had plenty give me a thumbs up and or ask me about my RR, even had one stop at my house after I had just done some burn outs, She just wanted to say she liked the car… lol… close one…
Heck, had a post office driver catch me at the Drs office once and stopped to ask me about it and show me his hot rod truck, said he had been trying to flag me down for about a year… lol

Most people around here love old hot rods and don’t mind the noise and most of us hot rodders respect others, but these kids with daddy’s Hellcat’s, and hopped up late models with aftermarket forced induction are getting out of hand…

I do agree with, there is an adrenalin rush to it all though…

BTW The Real street racers go to old roads with no traffic or service roads that are not used late nights, or weekends and block the roads so no innocent’s are anywhere close… and they are racing for money/prices, plus any side bets… It takes way more skill to hook on the street than a prepped race track… :wink: