Playing a game while driving a car?

It seems cell phone games are becoming available involved w/recreational car driving. For example this one, where you & partner drive car from location to location following instructions and answering questions:

Good idea? Bad idea? Neutral? What do you think?

I’m thinking “good” b/c it is sort of like a road-ralley contest.

In Minnesota you can no longer touch your phone while driving. I’ve been told that even a simulated block of wood could get you a ticket and then the smart aleck could discuss it with the judge.

I remember a girl just about ran me over on her bike playing whatever that game was that was popular a few years ago. Riding around in circles looking at her phone. I hear flip phone are becoming popular with the kids now. So maybe they will actually talk on a date.

Nothing new…

Pokémon Duel was a free-to-play digital board game developed by Heroz and published by The Pokémon Company. It was initially released for Android and iOS devices in Japan under the title Pokémon Comaster in April 2016 . It later released in other territories in January 2017.

Pokémon Duel was retired as of October 31, 2019.

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VA is the same. I think those laws are at least somewhat dumb. Not when it comes to texting or web surfing, or whatever. But regular phone calls are different. VA’s law refers to “hands free” - as if what you’re doing with a hand is the problem. It’s not. It’s what you’re doing with your brain and eyes. I can safely hold a phone and drive. I can’t safely watch a screen and drive.

In any case, I don’t think this thread was about that. If people want to play these games that involve driving around on a “treasure hunt” of sorts, then that’s fine by me - if they do normal, careful driving, and aren’t watching their phones rather than the road. Make sure to have a co-pilot / navigator and have safe fun kids.

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Yeah, once a year our historical society has a road course around with specific routes and stopping at historical sites along the way. It would be tough to do without a navigator. The navigator should be able to read a map a road race you don’t get the map and course until check in. If I could get the thingy he night before, I could study the route a little and not rely on the navigator. I keep saying north is at the top of the map. :grin:

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This game seems like a variation of orienteering and that’s been around for a long time. Tesla has several games loaded as part of the basic package. You can’t play the while driving though. The games are meant for passing the time while charging at a commercial charger.

Being young at heart I guess there are other ways to pass the time at a dark charging station with no one else around. Cover the cameras though.

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There’s a game in which you drive from 1 place in LA to another using current road conditions. Perhaps people play it while driving.