'Driver in Japan Playing Pokémon Go Kills Pedestrian'



Well, Japan doesn’t have the death penalty… so what’s a country to do about people this stupid?
(tongue firmly in cheek— I jest, but only slightly!)

Words fail me about how angry this makes me. This is worse than texting and driving or DUI and the penalties should reflect this.


How tragic. Operating any motor vehicle, bicycle, or being a pedestrian requires a separation of fantasy and reality. Training, experience, and situational awareness which is reality. The “phone zombies” who are 100% ignorant of those requirements are very dangerous. I’ve driven motor vehicles that did not even have an AM radio. I somehow survived. People playing video games at home is fine.


Texting driver killed man at mailbox on road edge. Got 4 days. Plus probation. 2nd drunk driver kills another in head on crash. Gets 4 yrs. what’s the difference? Innocent person is dead. Yes I know. We decided law says texting driver gets slap on wrist. It’s societies fault for lean penalties. Texting is an “accident”? Driver didn’t intend to hurt someone. But drunk driving is willful disregard for others safety?


Why would choosing to text be any different? Texting driver and drunk driver did not intend to hurt anyone. In my state texting while driving and drunk driving are both illegal.