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'Driver playing Pokemon Go sideswipes police car'

Can’t Nintendo make Pokémon go not-work in a moving car?

A quote from an article on

“There is no official word about this from Niantic, but according to reports from various users, the speed limit currently appears to be somewhere between 10 and 15 miles per hour. If you’re going any faster than that, your movement will usually not count towards hatching the egg. Some have reportedly been able to push this up to 20 miles per hour on occasion, while others have found that going at this speed does not work for them.”

So the answer is; It does, sort of.

I’ve seen people driving slowly in my neighborhood trying to play this game.

People like this should be forced to ride horses, at least until self driving cars are perfected.

This happened more than a month ago when the game was brand new. It already has something like 15 million fewer players. It’s not as big of a concern anymore.