Podcast meta-data is missing

The podcast mp3 files used to contain meta-data that contained useful info like the title, authors, comments, etc. During the pandemic shut downs I didn’t have a way to download & listen to the podcasts. Now things are letting up a little, I have the past 15 months of podcasts to enjoy. But the lack of the mp3 file meta-data is making sorting through the files I download from the NPR website confusing. If the Car Talk IT gurus are able to figure out a way to return the meta-data to the podcast mp3 files, that would be helpful. Here’s a comparison.

I have shared this with my colleagues. I’m not sure who handles this, but hopefully it will get to where it needs to go.

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You can also use a free mp3 tag editor to fil in the missing metadata yourself. Some of them even have “batch” mode that allows you to edit multiple files at once. A quick web search should turn up several possibilities.

Update: It appears that starting with the most recent 40 minute podcast versions, the meta-data (show title, etc) has re-appeared :slight_smile: Thanks much to the Car Talk and/or NPR staff folks who figured it out!

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