Podcast Discontinued, Or Just a Glitch Today?

Chic, try this website: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510208/car-talk

I have no problems with the MP3 files there.

I can’t see a way to download files from there these days.
Tha option seems to have ‘gone away’.

See that little downward pointing arrow below the description of the podcast? To the right of the “playlist” link? Click it and you’ll soon be downloading. I’m not sure why they make it so confusing, but that’s what you get from the hi-tech wizards these days.

Thanks for that, but I’m afraid it doesn’t work.
When I click that ( in Firefox or Chrome on PC) it simply plays the episode. It used to give me an option to download, until a few months ago.
I can game it by extracting the URL from the link and downloading that way, but just clicking the down arrow makes it play, in a new tab. ?

Chic, I know what you mean. I run into this at other websites sometimes. It does not happen here though for me. By “gaming” you mean right clicking the arrow and choosing “Save link as”.

More or less.
Save link as will save a ‘salted’ link, with a load of extra junk appended to the filename.
So, Right click, Save Link as, and then delete all the cruft after .MP3 in the filename, to make it D/L an MP3.
Just don’t try and play the MP3 on anything expecting a Lame encoded mp3 file!

OK, I just tried that, in preference to using the NPR One app as I usually do.
The file is twice as big (52M v 26M) but that is because it’s at twice the audio quality ( 128kbps v 64 kbps), and it plays on everything!
I’m calling that a result.
Big thanks to glasspilot for the steer, happy Scottish bunny today!

[quote] (chicthomson): Save link as will save a ‘salted’ link, with a load of extra junk appended to the filename.
So, Right click, Save Link as, and then delete all the cruft after .MP3 in the filename, to make it D/L an MP3.[/quote]

I don’t see any “junk” AFTER the .MP3. Just before. When I download any file I rename it and make sure the last four characters are: .MP3 so your MP3 player will know what to do with it.

(Edit: I screwed up the “Quote” stuff above, not sure what happened!)

Here’s what I see.
Territory specific perhaps? (designed to satisfy EU data privacy laws ?) dunno!

Yah, I don’t know why you have all that stuff AFTER the file extension. So it works for you to delete all after the MP3? I just have to rename all forward of the “dot”. I make it simple: car_talk_7-6.mp3. (No dot after the “3”)

Yep works fine.
As i hinted above I suspect US providers are having to salt /record downloads to EU in case they get in regulatory strife.
But that’s just a guess. :slight_smile:

That’s possible. I’m in the USA & sometimes have trouble downloading BBC podcasts, getting a message saying since I’m out of the UK, there’s some issue or another with the podcasting rights. Not the case w/most of the BBC podcasts, but w/a few of them, definitely.

In case anybody’s interested in the 1969 Apollo 11 anniversary, the BBC has posted a series of excellent mp3 podcasts about that topic in their “science” area. Haven’t had any trouble downloading those.

Must be hard to find good help in the summer. No podcast today and the web site version won’t play


I attended a classic car show this past weekend, and one of the cars was a Frogeye Sprite. Guess what powertrain ? Remember, this is the USA. Can you imagine a Frogeye Sprite w/a 426 cubic inch Hemi engine, and Ford C4 automatic transmission ? … lol …

Still having trouble?

My PocketCast downloaded.

The Sept 14th show hasn’t shown up yet:


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This time it is not on iTunes, nor NPR One.
Used to be up by Saturday afternoons, but since May, there have been several episodes not up till midweek or later. I don’t see any feedback about it on Twitter…

Sept 14th show is up now, at least at the link I posted above.

Yeah, I also noticed the Sept 14th show was posted a little later than usual on the npr podcast site, but it appears to be there now.