Plug in phone chargers

My 1996 Forester does not have an activated Cigarette lighter - is there still somewhere to plug in a phone charger?

I faced this problem once in a bottom the line Nissan Sentra my institution rented for me to travel to a convention. My phone maintained enough charge so that I was o.k.

Here are two possibilities: 1) I think an automotive electrical shop could wire in a power outlet without much difficulty and you would be able to plug in your cell phone chargerl 2) The cell phone does not take much current to recharge. You could connect two 6 volt lantern batteries in series giving 12 volts. Purchase a power outlet at an auto parts store or in the auto parts section of WalMart. Find a suitable small box to mount the batteries and be certain to get the polarity correct. The center terminal is connecdted to the positve terminal of the one battery and the shell of the socket is connected to the negative terminal. I would be tempted to put a small 5 ampere fuse in the cirucit as well. This should recharge your telephone and the charging draws so little current that the batteries will probably last as long as they would on the shelf.