Car cigarette lighter - no longer charges my cell phone?

2000 Acura w/ 110k miles
It happened when I did a day long, long distance driving in northern ca speeds up to 80k.

My cell phone is new and it charges through pc and wall. Changed the car charger adapter but no luck.

While driving I did notice that cell phone back and forth disconnecting from power - it no longer doing it and shows there is power but it is not enough to charge the phone at all! That makes it hard - any tips to troubleshoot/fix it? I tried to rent a car - it would have cost $50 or so - hopefully I can fix it for less!

What is a speed of 80k? k means x 1000, so this is 80000 MPH?

“that cell phone back and forth disconnecting from power” ?? what does this mean?

I have a cell phone that is supposed to be USb chargeable, but only charges with the charger that came with it. A USB charger charges it, but when it reaches full charge, it discharges.

You wanted to rent a car just because you couldn’t charge your phone ?

  1. Check the charger in a different car and make sure it is working and charging your phone.
  2. If you checked point 1 and the charger is good then you have a loose or almost loose wire or solder on the back of the receptacle. I think this is likely your problem I had similar issue in a past and a soldered wire was barely hanging on.

Sorry it was 80 mph.
How hard is it to access to solder - it is an acura integra?

@volvo I was thinking of renting instead of taking mine.

Check your adapter, my guess is you are using a power point to usb charger. They have different amp ratings, the adapter you have may not be enough amps. Have run across that problem in provided usb adapters also.

Sometimes just a little plastic clip holds the lighter in place. You can try pulling it gently or again - gently twisting it. Maybe you can access it from the side if there is room between the console and the firewall.

Try another accessory .

Lastly fuse?

My wife had this same problem charging her phone in her car. I bought her a dual amperage model USB charger with both 1 amp and 2.1 amp ports. The phone will not charge at all in the 1 amp port but charges fine in the 2.1 amp port. There are also 3.4 and 4.8 amp chargers available but I bought the lower rated model just to be safe.

@missileman - this was working well before - during the trip, I noticed power disconnect too. Phone charges on another car. So …?

4th reply, 2nd point.

Loose wire or worn out soldering.

plug in a cig lighter and see if it gets hot.

This is a good one.

If there is power…it will BE 12VDC… which is the power you are looking for…

Aside from all the other strange things you listed in this post… Sounds to me like you have a charger problem… NOT a car problem


Anker sells very good and inexpensive vehicle USB chargers, so if you determine that you need to replace yours, you can get them on Amazon for $10-15. The nice thing about them is that they will charge at full speed even if you’ve got one of the newer rapid charge phones.

Not shilling for them, I just have probably 20 of their products (I’m involved in a multi-player strategic cell phone game that sucks down battery power like you wouldn’t believe) and have always been pleased with their products.

Many times…MANY times my power outlet / cigarette lighter style charger must be wiggled a bit till you see the pilot light come on…and many times again later too.
Just the nature of the beast. The ‘‘old tech meets new tech’’ attempts at doing the new power needs with the old design.
That’s why the new USB ports are more reliable…of which I have none in my truck :frowning:
I have one actual lighter and three ‘‘lighter socket’’ looking power ports but no usb.