Can a 1997 Saturn SC1 charge or maintain the battery charge through the cigarette lighter?

I recently got a great bit advice to help keep my car’s battery charged/maintained by keeping it on what is basically a solar powered trickle charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

I heard from a guy at my local shop that some cars’ batteries can be charged through the lighter plug, but some cannot. So my question is, does anybody know if my 1997 Saturn SC1 can be charged in this way? Or do you know where I could go/call to find this out? Since there are no Saturn dealers around anywhere and it is such a specific question, I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere so far.

Thanks for any help!

It depends on whether your outlet is live when the ignition is switched off. On some cars it is rendered inactive when the ignition is off, touted as a safety measure. If your outlet still works at all times you can use your solar charger with it.

ya know if your battery is good, and the charging system is fine you can join the rest of us who never needed to consider that option.

Plug a lighter into the socket with the key off and if it works, you are good to go! But remember, the panel needs full sun to work…