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Please... Say it ain't so!



Yes, they have a Bullet Nose Studie, must preserve those!


I had that happen to me. I was at the grocery store nd a cart rolled away from the curb at the store about 30 feet then hit my car. The store had just bought new carts and the wheels rolled Really Well. They paid for the damage, though.

My favorite little car scratch “Home Improvement”.

Start at about 4:02 into the clip.

Home Improvement Top Ten Tim and Jill Fights Part 2 - YouTube

Here’s a better one…but the film isn’t as good.

Home Improvement – Tim drops a BEAM on Jill’s car - YouTube

I heard a vintage 'Vette owner talking about the secret to keeping his car unscratched and undented. “Be willing to walk and park on the uncrowded part of a parking lot.”
Most people circle the parking lot looking for a place right next to the door of the gym.


There’s a couple with a really nice Porsche 356, a 62 with 110hp from what they’ve told me, usually see them at least once a day when they stop by the grocery store where i work to get coffee and do carefully select a parking spot but fairly close but not right up front, usually next to the cart return and for all the years I’ve been admiring the car they haven’t had any issues.

RE: the post about ‘Home Improvement’. Tim had very specific parking spots he told Jill to use to avoid dings on the Nomad.

Seems any new car is a magnet for dings and crashes.

You have to park on the end of a row, near a cement island so at least one side is protected.

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I have seen that too many times!!!

I did last night…It was about 10pm and the wind-chill was near 0.

Not surprising. Our wind chill was in the teens, about 500 miles southwest of you.