Car damage by tire shop


So I drop my car off at this chain store that does all repairs for new front tires. Upon pickup I noted that the “boys” have nicely created a scratch at a length of 10" on the front bumper. It goes on top of the bumper and that makes it very very unlikely that it was caused by a car. It seems while jacking the car up something got stuck to the bumper. The store mngr obviously denies the damage and claims he was standing next to my car at all times! I have send an email to their costumer relations but have a feeling they couldn’t care less. I know there are worse things in the world but the store mngr attitude has made me want to pursue this. What can I do? Write to BBB? Should I call my insurance? Should I sleep on it?


Ahh, got to love the silent treatment!


“While jacking up the car”?

If this is a professional shop, they will use a chassis lift when installing tires. Even if they didn’t use a chassis lift, it is not possible to jack cars up by using the bumper anymore (at least no cars with which I am familiar). If they really tried to jack your car up by attaching a jack to your bumper, the bumper would most likely have separated from the car.

So, whether they used a chassis lift or whether they used a floor jack under the car’s jacking points, it is not likely that they would have had anything attached to your bumper. Isn’t it possible that your car was scratched a day or so prior to bringing it into the shop, but that you hadn’t noticed the scratch?


I guess the jack/lift is my imagination part. I can’t explain what they did. The thing is I would have noticed the scratch if it was there because the same day I stood in the front of the car to check the tire wear to be sure I don’t need an alignment. I had also polished the car the week before. This is nothing you will miss. Also the track of the scratch is weird, it goes well on top of the bumper for 5", that makes it unlikely that it was made by another car, I am sure it is from “a” tool. One other thing was the mgr trying to avoid me at first and then before my sentence was over he stated that “I was there next to your car all the time and nothing happened”. The store mgr of a shop with 12 bays was standing right nest to my car all the time-hard to believe.


Well, you might want to pursue this with the management of the shop, but you might as well forget about the BBB unless the shop in question is a paid-up member of this private organization. And, even then, the BBB is frequently toothless and useless.

If you want more details on the BBB (and why it would likely be a waste of your time and money to pursue this with them) let me know. On the other hand, the local Consumer Affairs agency (local, state, or county, depending on where you live) does have punitive powers and could potentially be of use if your claim is considered to have any validity.


I’ve used the BBB a couple of times and in both cases, the matter was resolved to my satisfaction shortly afterward. I was never charged any money and they didn’t ask for any donations.


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