Please include me

Is there any way to get models added to the owned cars listing?
You don’t list the cars I purposely own…
76’ plymouth fury sport
68’ dodge Super Bee
84.5’ ford ltd wagon (fox body)
your list does include the citation though, against all logic.

Just make a clear heading and put your vehicle specs in your post. None of your vehicles are that common now anyway .
Also you might look at the right hand side of the screen for the date of last post so you don’t revive old threads.

Thanks, yeah sorry about that. My brother’s Honda is having issues and I’m gathering outlier causes for common issues I haven’t tried.

Simple thing to do is just start a new Topic and clearly state what the vehicle is and what the problem is . This site has some very good mechanics that post here at times . Contrary to some thoughts they don’t read this site every minute of the day. A thread just for your questions keeps people from having to wade through multiple replies and people .

Volvo’s right. We web lackeys will edit the subject line anyway. Post away :slight_smile:

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