Where can you go to find common issues with your car model


I was compelled after seeing a co-worker with a similar issue. We both have the same year and model of car. My car has more miles on it and seemed to have this issue first … surely after enough time my coworker has the same issue.

Is there a website somewhere that lists common issue? This would be great, right.


Any brand/model specific discussion board.

Carcomplaints.com and consumer reports.

Just curious , what year and brand model ? What was the issue ? It could just be a coincidence or even something that happens to any vehicle.

It could even be a problem that is the result of lax maintenance.

Yes, there are many potential reasons for a failure. However, I have had several Trailblazers and they seem to suffer the same general faults around the same time/use frame. I know two other people with them and contribute on a message board dedicated to that platform. There are very commonly experienced faults with the model that seem to affect a great many people. Weak design areas tend to be commonly experienced. When I’m interested in a particular vehicle, I always visit brand specific sites and the general complaints sites to see if there are common issues.


The more enthusiastic the owners of your car are, he more likely there will be active web forums.

Tons of Corvette, Mustang - drag race, track race, show cars, restoration and more, or Camaro sites. BMW Club, Audi Club, Porsche Club all have multiple active forums discussing the cars, mods, service issues, virtually ANYthing you can imagine about those cars. Mopar - Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler cars. Jeep owners. There is a Chevy Avalanche forum… not the most popular vehicle but there is a very active forum. There are forums for orphan brands like Saturn, Hummer, Mercury, DeSoto or Packard.

All it takes are some web searches to find. Join more than one to find your niche in your niche car forum.

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Some forums are more active than others and have sub-forums for different models and generations.

Safercar.gov, run by the NHTSA, also has complaints registered. You pretend to search for recalls by year, brand and model of vehicle. Once inside, click on the complaints button. They also have recalls (of course), investigations, and manufacturer communications.