Please help Oldsmobile - 98, 1992

my 1992 olds 98 low beams do not work. However they high beams do along with the parking lights. I used a test light and am getting no electricity at the light socket. bulds are good. I check all fuses under the dash not a bad one. Does anyone know what this is or the next step?

check for a pinch wire. I had that happen except it was all lights when a battery came loose when I hit a hard bump in the road and it came down on a wire.

The problem might be with the headlight dimmer switch.

As you can see from the slots on the bracket, it’s mounted on the steering column.


The dimmer switch is mounted on the steering column above the brake pedal and is operated by a push rod. If you remove the harness connection and jumper the wires and are able to get hi and low to function the switch is faulty. If that is the case I would suggest that you wrap masking tape around the column to hold the push rod in its position and remove the dimmer, install a new dimmer with the hold downs snug and test/adjust the switch position for proper operation.

Note. The dimmer is held down to the ignition switch bracket and the ignition is also operated by a rod. Don’t loosen the ignition switch.

There is also a relay for the lights in the fuse box under the hood. There is one for high beams and one for low beams. Hitting the switch energizes the relay which then turns the lights on. They look like little black one inch cubes and the fuse box or relay cover will indicate which one is which. Most of them are the same so just take one from another circuit like the AC circuit and plug it in to see if thats the problem. Also there would be a circuit breaker for it in the fuse panel inside the car somewhere. That could be bad, or as the others said, but try the simple things first.

This is a very simple system. you have no relays for high or low beams on a 1992 Pontiac. The dimmer switch provides power for high/low beams from headlight switch, whichever is selected. To test your low beam circuit disconnect dimmer switch connector. Jumper the yellow wire to the tan wire. Turn on lights. If low beams now work then you have a faulty dimmer switch.