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1992 Buick Regal - Headlights Stuck on Hi Beam

Seems like this should have a simple answer, but I can’t figure it out.

At my last oil change, they wanted to check my high beams. My high-low-beam selector is my turn signal selector. Pulling the selector toward me changes the beam of the headlights.

I was able to switch the lights to high beam, but now the high-low beam selector arm will not work and the lights are stuck on high beam. The dimmer switch is fine, the turn signals are fine, but I can’t find a way to change the beam of my headlights back to low-beam.

I don’t ever use high beams. I just want have my lights on low beam so I don’t feel like an idiot driving after dark.

I have no idea how to get at the dimmer switch, which looks like it’s probably inside a hard plastic collar around the steering column. The collar is solid and has no screws or removable parts.

How do I fix this?

The multi-function switch in the steering column is probably broken. And to replace this requires the removal of the steering wheel and a host of other components below it. So this can be done. But you need the proper special tools to do it with success.


Replacing the switch is a $300 job…You COULD reverse the leads connected to your headlights and put them permanently back on low beam. But the high-beam dash indicator will be lit…Any future owner would be VERY confused…

I’d agree its probably the multifunction switch but I would try pulling the high beam relay under the hood just by chance that the contacts might have fused together. There is a separate relay for the low beam and the high beam. It should be under the hood but could be at the fuse box. Little 1" black cube and most are interchangeable if they have the same number. Only about $10.

A 1992 makes me think that the movement of the turn signal arm moves a rod that pushes a switch at the bottom of the steering column.

Take a look and see if there is a rod running the lenght of the column (dont mistake it for the one going to the electrical section of the ignition switch.)

I could be all wrong and this is a multi function switch set-up but at least take a look.

“A 1992 makes me think that the movement of the turn signal arm moves a rod that pushes a switch at the bottom of the steering column.”

I agree with this statement; I think the problem is mechanical and not electrical. I can pull the turn signal selector arm back toward me, but it does not feel like the selector arm catches or moves anything.

The real problem I’m having is with getting to the rod or assembly or whatever it is that isn’t working. The steering column is encased in a sleeve or collar that does not appear to have any screws, bolts, or other means of getting to the guts underneath. If someone has an idea about how I might get to those, short of taking a hammer to it, I think I can figure out the rest.

I just fixed this on my 1992 Regal. Remove the cover under the steering wheel. I found there is a white box attached to the steering wheel column. There is a rod that attaches to this switch (white box) and mine was not connected, there was a gap of a quarter inch. If you push on the part of the white switch, it acts as a toggle, high to low beams. So a quick fix is to push it in and you will now have low beams (or high beams if it was stuck on low). I removed the horn cover (push in and turn the wire connector from the horn cover to the steering wheel. Remove the safety clip on the steering column and using a 21mm socket remove the nut. Get a steering wheel puller from Auto-zone, Pep-boys, O’Reilly as a free loaner tool. Remove the steering wheel, remove the hazard button on the side of the steering column. Work the plastic cover off and over the switch stock, you don’t have to remove it completely. Remove the torque screw holding the switch stock on. You can see where the at the bottom of the switch stock there is a plastic point with a ball on the end that come in contact a gray plastic column. Mine was out of position, I moved it with my finger and was able to then push on it and make the high beams come on and off. I then was able to use pliers to grab the metal rod on the steering column and push it deeply in the white switch on the steering column. I had to try a few times to get the switch stock to seat properly so that the high/low toggle worked. Then put it back together.

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I’m guessing the OP has solved the problem and/or ditched the car in the 10 years that have elapsed since this thread started.