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Headlights for 1995 pontiac sunfire

headlights wont stay on unless you hold dimmer switch in

Which headlights come on, low beam, or high beam?
Does it have DRLs (Daytime Running Lights)?

Could you have both low beams burned out(or fuse) and a failed HI/LO switch?

When you hold the dimmer switch is it the highs or lows on?

Does the HI/LO switch feel normal (normal movement,makes click)

Normal fuse/relay chech out should be done

my bright lights are the ones that will come on. the dims wontcome opn at all

It sounds like you only have the flash-to-pass headlights. There may not be power from the 20A (Amp) headlamp circuit breaker. It’s probably under the hood in a box with other circuit breakers or fuses.

The simplest possibility is in line with oldschool’s thinking - burned out low beam filaments in the bulbs. You might not have noticed when just one low beam was burned out. The bulbs are under $20 each.

However, I had the same problem long ago on another car, and that turned out to be a worn out multifunction stalk that controlled the cruise, turn signals, and high/low beam switch. Being that you say the headlights won’t stay on unless you “hold the dimmer switch in,” it sounds like my worn out stalk.