Help with a name


I have a 1993 Volvo, 940, 4 door Sedan, Teal color outside, Tan Leather seats. I bought it in Dec 2000, in Hawaii, shipped it to CA, then to NJ, then drove it back to CA, & now to the state of WA. LOVE it & it is the most dependable car of my life. With 167,000. much of it is still original, and I was the third owner. It was first sold in CA, Salt Lake City, to a doctor, then he shipped it to HI, sold it to a preacher, & when the preacher got sent to Australia (steering wheel there on other side) he sold it to me. You know the rest of the story, now, so do you think I could get some help, suggestions for naming it? Yes, I AM a woman, age 66 (or will be on Sep 6th this yr. 2007) & I have only ever named one car, in 1987 or '88 I had a 1979 (or so) Pinto Stationwagon named “Peaches” because of its color, and that we HAD to make it get us from San Diego to San Francisco, via the dessert (that is another story) w/o air conditioning! It made it! We gave it away but at least it did not have to be towed to do so! Thanks for any help. Also, would Volvo be her ‘sir’ name, i.e., last name? So, like “Valerie Volvo”? Or what? Sandra (Lifecoach) http://www…ch-wisdom/


I am not sure anyone can help you with a name for your car. What would it really mean to you if someone else names your car. Would you ask somone else (besides the father) to name your children?

Now - that being said - I AM a man and I (not my wife) insist all of our cars have names. Really really corny ones too. Babe (after Paul Bunyan’s big blue ox) is my blue 90 GM truck, Wilma Wagon is my '91 Honda station wagon, and Betty Beamer is my wife’s '89 325i. While I have yet to get more creative than alliteration … all of them have names. Unfortunately - it doesn’t always help them run any better … but it makes me feel better about them when they don’t.



I erm. . . .think your car should be named whatever you want it to be named :wink: Why not something ominous sounding. Vladimir Volvo works for me.




I have names for my two vehicles, but I can’t print them here. Heh heh


The Funky Phantom. I thought of Lee Elder; use the last name first. Peter Greenbomb. Cal Q. Later. Glenwood Green. Rhiannon. Harrison Ford. Glimmermere. Diamondraught. Swordmain. The Iron Duke. Courteney Elizabeth. Beasley. Dodge Elmo.


NOw you really dont want help with a name since a name is so personal.

We had a little 1979 B 210 that we adored. First learned hhow to drive a standard in her. An aquamarine colour and since we are so crazy about Australia and since she reminds us of the blue skies and waters there; we had to name her; Stralia. Kept her until some nasty person broke a window on her and the another nasty person started a fire in her.

You have our permission to use the name since you also have a similar coloured car and since the prior owner went to Oz; it would be most appropriate.

Now that we have you fixed; how about Click and Clack’s cars??? You really dont think we should let this go with all the posts now do you?


You really should have names for your cars when they run well, too.