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Please help me. My car won't stop dinging

Ever since it got really cold here in Chicago, my car does this really annoying thing after I’ve been driving for a few minutes. The brake light on the dashboard lights up and dings non-stop for the rest of my drive. My parking brake is not on. My brake fluid is not low. My brakes feel fine and are not grinding or squeaking or making any other noise.

How can I make the dinging stop?

I’ve never seen a brake light function in this way. Are you duse it’s the brake light?

First look in the owners’ manual and see what the light and the dinging means. If you have ABS it may mean the system is malfunctioning. The ones I’m familiar with all have seperate ABS lights, but perhaps in '92 Buicks they did the warning differently.

I have the exact same issue. I have read about it being caused by a corroded or possibly shorted out sensor of some type that is somewhere in the middle of the dashboard. I have never taken the dashboard off, I did remove the fuse that goes to the brake light sensor and it makes the dinging quit quit. The only problem, and I found this out the hard way, is that fuse also makes the gas gauge work. So, I now leave the fuse out and keep close tabs on the amount of gas that I have in the engine. Occasionally, I will plug the fuse in so that the gas gauge comes on and I can see for sure how much I have.

I am curious as to whether you ever found a solution?

I am guessing that the chime is going off because the warning system things there is a problem with the brakes. If you have ABS brakes it may be with that area. It may also be due to a faulty connection so try cleaning the contacts on the brake fluid level sensor.

Brake proportioning valve…It detects a leak or other problem…Pulling the fuse is NOT the answer…