I was driving to church this morning when my brake light inside my car starts beeping. As soon as I put it in park and back into reverse it quit beeping. I am just wondering if this needs to be looked at asap. My brakes work fine. I can stop suddenly and everything. My dad changed my front brakes earlier this year and is going to do my back ones soon. Hope someone can help me.

Have you checked your brake fluid level? Low brake fluid can trigger the brake light.

You have a light that beeps? Wow!

Check the brake fluid level before you do anything else. Low fluid might make the light beep, if a light can beep.

What does your poor car have to do, write you a letter?

Is dad a mechanic by trade? You could have a fluid leak in a caliper. Stopping today doesn’t mean you will stop tomorrow. Get your brakes checked out. Your car is giving you a warning, so don’t ignore it.

Yes, get your brakes looked at ASAP.