2001 PT Cruiser with Brake Light

I’ve got a 2001 PT cruiser with 25,000 or so miles on it, and lately I’ve been noticing that sometimes (not every time) when i accelrate from a dead stop I’ll hear a DING and my brake light will come on, and after 10-15 seconds go away and nothing happens, can you help?


If it’s the regular brake light (not the ABS light), the fluid is probably low. Fluid level goes down as the brake pads wear, but low fluid could also be indicative of a leak. Get that checked a.s.a.p.

how do you know your brake light goes on? On most cars they are only visible from the rear of the car.

It’s a light on the dash that says “BRAKE”. And, how do I check the brake fluid level? Thanks.


The reservoir sits on top of the master cylinder, which is located under the hood on the driver’s side of the firewall. Your owner’s manual should have a picture and directions. Be sure to clean the outside of the cap before removing it if you need to add fluid, to prevent dirt from falling in. Use only approved brake fluid.