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1995 Buick LeSabre E-Brake Chime won't go away

Hello, long time listener to the show, because I drive hunks of junk and need all the help I can get. Case in point: My lovely '95 LeSabre decided that the Parking Brake is on, and chimes about it wherever I go. The brake can be applied and disengaged normally, and it works fine. There is no resistance to driving the car, the brake is NOT on, but the idiot light and idiot chime do not go away, ever.

The light I can deal with, the chime has to go. I have a 3 hour per-way trip to make Friday, and I will be homicidally maniacal when I get there if I have to listen to that thing all the way. This may be the appropriate mindset for a family reunion, or not, but that is not the point…how do I kill this chime until I can figure out the cause and get it fixed for real?

Read your owner’s manual. It will tell you that light is not just for the parking brake, but it is also a warning of low brake fluid level and that your brakes could fail.

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If the brake fluid level is OK, adjust the switch that works the light and the chime. The switch should contact the parking brake pedal when the pedal retracts. If it doesn’t the light and chime will stay on.

You could also locate the chime and unplug it.

Uh, wow, I just had my fluids topped off about 1 day before this started, and sure enough, brake fluid is almost gone. Guess I’ll go have a chat with the lubejockey down the hill. Thank you so much, guess I better find an owners manual…how embarrassing. Thanks a ton.

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You need to do more than just top off the brake fluid. It is low because you either have a leak (very bad, must fix), or your brake pads are worn down to the point that they need to be replaced. In either case, it would also be good to flush out all of the old brake fluid with new brake fluid.

I see this was an issue for him back in 09. I’m experiencing the same problem. The fluid is full, the parking brake with engage and disengage, and there is no problem with the brakes. I unplugged the connector on the master cylinder. The warning light and chime went away. Where does this connection run to and how do I fix this? I’d rather not leave this unplugged forever, but fix the issue. Thanks for the help.

Same answer as nine years ago. Adjust the switch on the brake foot pedal, replace the switch if it is bad or/ its possible that due to rust and wear that the brake cable going to the E brake is not fully retracting. If so, grab the cable under the car and while pulling up on the foot pedal, pull on the cable to take up any slack. I had that problem with my Buick and if the foot pedal would get bumped, the light would go on and I’d have get down on my hands and knees and pull on the cable to get the light to shut off. Junking the car fixed it for good.

If the master cylinder is full and unplugging the float switch turns off the warning light the float switch is stuck. You can replace the reservoir or master cylinder.

Ok, thanks for the advice. I did see that the e-brake cable had about 3/4 inch of slack on it. I pulled it down but it didn’t turn off the light. Is that switch or float stuck Nevada which is it on? Or is it a master cylinder and a resivoir problem. I assume it connectes to both since it’s under the resivoir and on top of the cylinder.

Ok bing, I can figure most stuff out but this switch I’m not sure. I assume it’s under the dash by the emergency brake pedal. I’m not sure what I’m looking for. I’ve googled it also but it’s not a clear picture on how I need to adjust it.

The float switch in in the reservoir, replacing the reservoir should correct the problem. For a little more money you can get a master cylinder with reservoir, you may need a new master cylinder before long anyway.

This would be the switch that is activated by the E brake pedal. Gotta be up there by the pedal someplace. Never seen one myself but about $5 at Rockauto. I don’t disagree with the master cylinder though if the light is being activated by that switch, which it may well be if it goes off when you pull the connector. I had to replace the MC on my Olds because of that.