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Honda Accord shuts off

I have a 1998 Honda Accord LX. Last week it just shut off while driving and my local mechanic said my alternator was bad (outputting only .7). He said the battery is ok. He replaced it and I drove away, only to have the problem repeat itself. It just shuts down, the dash lights go on, and usually I can restart it right away. So, any ideas and should I get my money back for the alternator? He did not give me back the old one.

There are three components inside the distributor which can do this. It’s time consuming, and requires a certain degree of technical ability, to perform the tests of these systems. Since the problem is intermittent, this is one of those problems where it may be wiser to just change all three components by changing the distributor. You can get a remanufactured distributor from an auto parts store for 1/3rd what a dealer would charge.
Here more ideas of what to check in running down Honda problems: Then, click on the problem which interests you.

This vintage Honda had a recall for this problem, it was in the ignition switch.

Replace your car key. My car shut-off many time as I was crusing along at 65mph. Honda offered to cut me another key ($25 anti-theft key). Instead I just found one of the other keys I had. Chance are your key is very warn and has a hard time staying in the on position.

Keith has a good idea. The recall, being a safety issue, should still be done by the Honda dealer. Get the ignition switch replaced by the dealer. FREE.

A faulty ignition switch could cause the alternator not to charge as power is provided from the switch to the dashboard red BATT lamp and on to the alternator.
Any disruption in this circuit will cause the alt. to appear to be bad.