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Car has to crank a few times before starting

I have a 2005 hyundai tucson 2wd witb almost 162,000 miles. It started to have issues starting. it has to crank a few times before it finally starts. the mechanic replaced the crankshaft sensor but it hasn’t helped and he said he wasn’t sure what the problem was. is there anything else that might help?

Same Tucson as your other thread?

Fuel pump, compression, valve clearances, spark plugs…you name it.


yup…same stinkin’ tucson :frowning: I forgot to mention that the mechanic did give my car a tune up along with replacing to crankshaft sensor. and I did that little trick with turning the key to the “on” position 3 times without turning it over to hear if the fuel pump would labor. and on tbe 3rd try turning the ignition over to see if it’d start right away. heard the fuel pump each time but it still had to crank a few times to start. I did replace the throttle position sensor, cleaned the MAF sensor and the throttle body intake but still having the same problem. I figured I’d give it a shot and post this specific problem since it’s separate from my (possible) catalytic converter issue.

Not necessarily, a restricted exhaust could make it harder to start.

Ask your shop to make sure the fuel rail pressure is holding like it should when the engine is turned off. Sometimes an injector will start leaking gas into the intake manifold, or the fuel pump check valve will leak and allow gas to flow back into the tank. The crank position sensor would more likely be a suspect if it happened only when the engine was warm. But if it happens when the engine is cold, probably not that. There’s many reasons why an engine won’t start up quickly like it should, but rule out the most common causes first.