Please give me a heads up!

I JUST bought a 2005 suzuki verona… excellent condition, 13000 miles on it, just like new… well the other day I go to leave the hair salon and surprise! It doesn’t want to shift out of park. I had to press the shift lock and put it in neutral and start it that way you know the drill… so I have an appointment tomorrow at the dealership but I was wondering if someone could give me a heads up to what this might be before I go… thanks a ton! -K

the switch that is supposed to deactivate when you step on the brake to shift is not working properly.think the proper term is a neutral safety switch.probably a 20.00 dollar part.not hard to replace.

Yeah, it’s probably a switch, though not necessarily the neutral safety switch but similar. Just don’t get talked into a transmission rebuild or the obligatory offer of a transmission flush, brake flush, etc.

thanks so much! that’s exactly why I wanted to get some input first so I don’t get ripped off…

I would guess your car is under warranty. If so, just tell them what you have observed. Don’t try to tell them what is wrong, that is what they do. They are not likely to pay any attention to what you say anyway.

yeppers… brake lights weren’t coming on… simple enough

No one will rip you off. Your car is under WARRANTY. Make sure you go to a Suzuki dealer only.