Playing with Power WIndow Switches

I just read Click and Clack’s answer to a person whe wondered about how much wear was created when kids played with the power window switches. Well, it isn’t only kids that play with power window switches. I was riding along with my son in his car when he was a college student. I pushed the switch on the passenger side to roll down the window and it didn’t work. I said something to my son about the window and he said that he had switched the button that turns off the power to the passenger windows. Apparently, one of his friends, a graduate student in the seminary on his campus wouldn’t leave the switches alone, so he turned off the master switch so she wouldn’t play with the window. Isn’t this a better solution than giving the kids a play time with the power windows?

Power windows and their switches only have so many cycles designed into them. Use those cycles any way you want…Replacing a power window regulator can be a $300-$400 job…

Anything mechanical will wear out sooner the more times it’s used.

Cut your potential losses now and stop their playing around.

Switch, motor, regulator, and tracks wear out, and scratches on the glass occur relative to amount of use.

Looks like the off switch cured the aggravation so that’s a step in the right direction.