Platinum Plugs for Saab 9-5 aero?

I have my car at the Saab dealer for diagnosis and they told me that the plugs that were put in my car by the local shop are the wrong ones. They say I need Platinum plugs for my engine. Can anyone tell me if this is BS or not? Thanks.

The only need for platinum is for long life. The ones you have (assuming all else was the same) will work fine but they will not work for as long. Since they are already there, leave them there, but replace them at like half the mileage the manual recommends for the platinum plugs.

Consult your owner’s manual. It should list several brands of spark plugs, some copper and some platinum, that are acceptable for your engine. Most likely your car originally came with platinum plugs.

BTW, platinum plugs are not much more expensive than copper plugs. Even if platinums are not 100% required for your car, you would do well to prefer them.

Without a lot more information I’d be reluctant to place blame. Or to confirm or dispute his daignosis.

What year, model, and mileage?
What’s it doing or not doing? Under what conditions?
What if anything has been done to correct it so far?
What did his diagnosis consist of?